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Cruelty Free Consumer.com has issued a challenge.

Go Cruelty Free in 2016!   

Make a purchase each month for the next 12 months at www.crueltyfreeconsumer.com and we will donate a portion of your purchase to the animal rescue or organization of your choice, in your name at the end of 12 months. *

How do I sign up?     

It’s simple…. Sign up under “Newsletters".  Watch for an email confirmation asking which animal rescue or organization you’d like to receive your donation.

Why take the challenge?

Cruelty Free Consumer.com will make a donation to the animal rescue or organization of your choice at the end of 12 months.  What other companies will do that?!?!

How do I succeed in the challenge?

To succeed in the challenge, make a purchase each month from crueltyfreeconsumer.com.

Are there additional benefits or checkpoints along the way?

YES!  Here are just a couple of initiatives.

  • After 6 consecutive monthly purchases, Cruelty Free Consumer will send you a $5 coupon to be used on your next order.
  • After completion of another 6 consecutive months, we will send you a $10 coupon.
  • We have partnered with Leaping Bunny Certified Brands for special sets and surprise samples!
  • Shipping makes it easy too! FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.  ($4.95 on orders under).

*The first month, 1% of you purchase (after shipping and taxes have been removed) will go to your designated organization.  The 2nd month, 2% will go back, and so on through the 12th month, where we will be donated 12%! of your purchase!!!

 At the end of 12 months, we will send your organization a check in your name for the total cumulative percentages accrued during that 12 month period.  Again…. What other companies will do that?!?!

Our CFC Team is always happy to answer questions or to help with product recommendations/selections.

*Don't forget to sign up for CFC's Exclusive Rewards Program*


Join the Movement.  Take The Cruelty Free Challenge.